Sunday, April 28, 2013

Snapshots of Spring

We've been enjoying warm weather and sunshine here in Kharkov lately which has lead to lots of fun times with the friends! Here are even a few photos to prove it!

When we came back from our Kiev/Lvov trip we were met with lovely weather which made for a fun day of playing outside with the kiddos!

Alyona decided to paint my nails

Love these goofy girlies!

Having all successfully passed our economics final, we headed out for a walk with  our dear Nadia.  We walked downtown, along the river,and then all the way home.  It was super!

This Saturday was another one filled with lots of sunshine and laughter with some of my littlest darlings

No time to smile for pictures when there are packages of Disney Princess and Winnie the Pooh stickers to be opened!

On Saturday night we had a party - on the roof!

Big American Smiles with Megan

This kid has been such an awesome friend to me during my time here! I'm going to miss you Vova!

Just a little rooftop jam session

American, Ukrainian, Mexican friends

I wish I had a better picture of the awesome set-up. There were Christmas lights and chairs, and computers to play music - it was pretty impressive!

Church was very pretty for Palm Sunday!

Bogdan's Birthday!

Today I got the best surprise! After church the congregation gave me a present - this traditional Ukrainian shirt! It's so beautiful and I was sooo surprised! Next Sunday is Easter, so, like a true Ukrainian girl, I'll be wearing my вишивка (Ukrainian Embroidery)! :)

Hope you're enjoying the first days of spring, wherever you are!

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