Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Януш Корчак (Janusz Korczak)

A few days ago one of the girls with whom I go to the orphanage on Saturdays let me know that there were free tickets available for us to go see a show performed by the children's theatre group  "Тимур" (Timur).  This theatre troupe provides opportunities to at-risk children, orphaned children, and disabled children to take part in theatrical productions.  I went to the show with little knowledge as to what the performance would actually be, but was absolutely blown away by those amazing children! The play tells the story of a kind-hearted pediatrician who was living in Warsaw during World War II and running an orphanage for about 200 children.  He had so much love for children and strongly believed that love was the greatest gift you could give to any child.  When the horrific reality of the Nazi regime came even to his Warsaw safe-haven for children, he refused the opportunity to go free and went with his children to the end of the line - a Nazi concentration camp gas chamber.  The children put all their passion into this play and from the oldest to the youngest understood the power of the story they were retelling.  There were very few dry eyes in that theatre by the end and I myself was wiping many a tear from my cheeks.  All I can say is "Thank you!" Thank you to the directors of Timur children's theatre for everything you teach those children and thank you to all of the children, for touching so many people today with this powerful story! Thank you! Спасибо большое! Дуже дякую! 

The children singing during one of the scenes. 

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