Sunday, March 10, 2013

The 8th of March - International Women's Day - in Ukraine

On the 8th of March, it's nice to be a woman in Ukraine.  Well, actually it's nice to be a woman in Ukraine basically all of the time.  There is lots of door holding and cute little pecks on the cheek from the men of Ukraine and as a woman you will almost never be expected to carry or lift anything heavy or go too out of your way if there is a boy or man around to take care of things.  In turn, of course, us women in Ukraine (is it too early to feel myself a part of this group?) will make tea and yummy food for the men and be appreciative of their kindness and respect towards us.  But anyhow, on March 8th we get a whole day devoted to us and Ukrainians really go ALL OUT for this day.  For me, it wasn't anything so over the top, but it was a lovely day nonetheless! Since Friday was a day off for schools and universities, the teachers asked me to stop by on Thursday so that they could give me a little present.

I also had something up my sleeve for them.  If you can't see from the picture, these are little gift sets of lotion and soap.  I decorated notes which say "Happy 8th of March" and taped them to the packaging. "Chelsea, you're crazy! But thank you so much!" The 5/6/7 English teacher told me as she hugged me and thanked me for the gift.

We also had a little something for each of our university professors, seeing as they are almost all female.  They were all delightfully surprised, especially since they know that we don't have this holiday in the US.

On the actual holiday, I slept in a bit which was grand! I did a little bit of work and then Mario and I went to the train station where we didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes to buy tickets because everyone was elsewhere celebrating the holiday with family and friends.  We went into the center and got some coffee at Coffee Life and then headed out to the shopping malls Karavan and Dafi to meet up with the others.  We wandered around the malls and checked out the small aquarium inside Karavan.  We found ourselves in the food court at probably the most chaotic time possible.  Just as every table and chair was occupied over capacity, a poorly planned balloon drop took place in the center of the food court and children scrambled in every direction to snatch up balloons and pop them to retrieve the coupons inside. All the same, we had a nice afternoon at the mall, just hanging out as a group.

We headed to our respective apartments for a couple of hours and then headed out as a group again to meet up with a friend at the Mexican restaurant/bar La Cucaracha.  We each had a couple of drinks and Mario and I had some ohsodelicious nachos! Some of us ended up leaving around 1 AM, but the others continued the fun much later into the night.

So, for my first International Women's Day in a country where it is actually celebrated, I'll give it a two thumbs up!


  1. Oh, La Cucaracha, I've been wanting to try that place for ages! Will go with the nachos since you vouched for them : )

  2. Yes! I recommend both La Cucaracha and their nachos 100%!


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