Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pre-Trip and Travel Day

So begins the series of post which shall recount the most recent adventures of Chelsea and Mario!

On Tuesday, the day before we were supposed to fly out, Mario was feeling pretty lousy.  He couldn't quite put his finger on what it was, but the headache, fever, aches, weakness combination was certainly no fun. He spent most of the day in bed and by Wednesday morning was feeling somewhat better.  I had been feeling fine up until Wednesday morning, when while I getting ready to go teach I started violently vomiting.  In short, a less than ideal outlook for the approaching trip.  But, like true adventurers, we pulled through and got ourselves to the airport for our 14:55 flight out of Kharkov.  We realized that we ended up going a bit more out of our way than we would have had to to catch the bus to the airport, but the fact that we got a free ride because no little old lady came through the bus to collect our money made up for it.

After about 2 hours in the air to Istanbul we had only a couple of hours to kill in the airport before our flight to Tbilisi.  We used the Turkish Lira we both had from previous trips to eat overpriced airport food since neither one of us had eaten yet that day and then walked around the airport a little until boarding.  At 8:40 PM we were on our way to Tbilisi! When we arrived in Tbilisi it was almost 1:00 AM and our original plan had been to wait it out in the airport for the first train to the city. Instead, we decided we would call a cab to the center and get a few hours of sleep in the hostel before our first day of really hitting the city.  The driver knew the street, but had never actually been to the hostel and it took us a little while to find it. We got our first glimpses of the city at night and despite my grogginess, I was excited, impressed, curious, and eager to explore.  I have to admit though, driving through run-down Old City streets at night had me a little on edge, but when the funny American working at the hostel opened the door for us and showed us to our room I felt relieved.  We were the only ones staying in the hostel that night, so we brushed our teeth, made our beds, and curled up for a few hours of sleep after a long day of travel.

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