Monday, March 4, 2013

Kiddos and Казаки (Cossacks) in the Cold

Two Fridays ago I was up bright and early, bundled up, and on a bus with a baker's dozen of fourth and fifth graders.  We bounced down the road for a few hours and when the kids got antsy I led some poem English recitations.  We we all very happy when it was finally time to get off the bus and stretch our legs.  Our destination? A small village outside of Dnepropetrovsk where they do historical reenactment of Cossack lifestyle  for tour groups and school kids.  We were greeted at the gates and given bread before a tour of the grounds.  There were demonstrations of horse riding and fancy sword spinning.  They served us lunch and the kids made crafts, shot arrows, and played in the field.  I led more English lessons in one of the little Cossack houses while we warmed up from the bitter cold outside.  Really, it probably wouldn't have been so cold except that we were on the steppe where it was extremely windy.  After our time with the Cossacks we still had the long bus ride home, but I spent it chatting with the kids and trading funny pictures from our cell phones via bluetooth with the girls. Several of the kids were on the trip to Lvov as well, so they weren't so shy around me.

I was dead tired and chilled to the bone when I got home, so I curled up and went straight to bed, exhausted in the best of ways from a day of adventuring with the munchkins and one of my very favorite English teachers - Tanya.

So now, a very few (of the 200+ pictures) Tanya took during the day:

Trying the bread

We found a kitty!

The girls paint

While the boys make dolls


The stable

Hard at work on an English worksheet

This game turned a little violent

Learning about Cossack tools and everyday life

Sword Spinning

My Cossack :)

Tanya also found a Cossack!

Having fun in the cold

With my dear Tanya!

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  1. Looks like a cool adventure! : ) Do they by chance have a website?


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