Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 4 - Yerevan

The "I'm not feeling so well" of Saturday night quickly spiraled downwards into all sorts of unpleasantness.  Saturday night I was miserable - shivering and achy with fever! I even found myself sneaking out of my bunk to go steal some of Mario's warmth and comfort.  Sunday morning, despite feeling icky, I got myself out of bed so that we could go see more of Yerevan.  We went to a large market where Mario bought several souvenirs and then to the Cascade.  At the top of the Cascade we checked out the statue celebrating 50 years of Soviet Armenia, a small park of attractions, and the Mother Armenia statue, which replaced a statue of Stalin in 1967.  By the time we had been out and abouting for a while my sick little self couldn't take it anymore and around 3 we headed back to the hostel where I curled up in bed for the rest of the afternoon.  I hate not being able to explore from morning until night while on a trip, but my body won out in this battle. Mario went out to see a few more things and then we went together to get something to eat.  We drank tea and chatted with other guests at the hostel for a little bit before bed.  We especially had a nice time sharing travel stories with a traveler from Japan who was basically on a trip around the entire world.

Right outside the "Republic Square" metro stop entrance

Market where Mario got his souvies 


We had a lot of stairs to climb!

big, fat, cat!

Headed up!

Another shot of Yerevan from a little higher up

monument marking 50 years of Soviet Armenia and Mario is accidentally in the picture making a silly face

park entrance

Mother Armenia

Zoravar Church - Mario went to check it out while I was resting

It was very crowded because of the holiday

Ok, so this picture isn't so terribly appropriate, but let me explain.  There is a lot of conflict between the Armenian and Azeri governments concerning the Najorno-Karabakh breakaway region in Azerbaijan.  This conflict really makes it way down to the level of average citizens harboring great amounts of hate for the Azeri people and vice versa. 

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