Thursday, February 14, 2013

"В жизни по-настоящему можно любить только один раз"

Happy Valentine's Day! Most of my celebrating happened yesterday, teaching Valentine's Day themed lessons to the ever enthusiastic, if not a bit hyper, fifth formers.  They really are some of my favorite kiddos!

While we made Valentines as a class, these little girlies kept their  heads secretly together and continually glanced up at me and nervously giggled.  I thought maybe a Valentine for a boy in the class was in the works, but it was for ME!

The back of the Valentine from the girls

Arkasha, an adorably chubby kiddo from 5-A, is quite the little flirt ;)

Late in the evening Elijah unexpectedly showed up and demanded that we get dressed and go outside, but wouldn't tell us why. We soon learned that he had brought Chinese lanterns for us to set off! We decided it would be best to set them off from the roof.  It was a little bit of a comedic struggle, but definitely one of the Ukraine moments I will always remember! 

Hope everyone's day was filled with love and laughter!

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