Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The next adventure!

There's always a new adventure to be planned and always new lands to be explored. And while I could have been filling up my break between semesters hopping from country to country, let's be honest, winter isn't always the best time for the kind of adventuring I like to do.  So that is why our next big excursion is scheduled for the end of March when, while still far from balmy, the world will be beginning to thaw and hopefully our shivering will be kept to a minimum.  Just where are we heading, might you ask? 

Here's your first hint

And another
We'll probably end up in the home town of this fellow

Okay, now you all probably know that it's...


Last night we booked the plane tickets (an amazing steal flying Pegasus), so it now feels official! It's going to be a grand adventure! 

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  1. Another Grand Adventure? I wouldn't expect anything less from you, Chels! :-)