Monday, January 7, 2013

Deutschkurs, der erste Tag - Es geht

This morning I found myself back at Sprachschule Aktiv, the same language school where I found myself babbling my first words of German this past summer.  It's the only language school I've been to in Munich, but I like what they've got going on there.  Plus I think something about the number of Russian-speaking administrators and teachers makes me feel at home.  I was the first one from my group to arrive, but soon the others trickled in. There's an American guy who is spending the year in Munich to be with his girlfriend, an Italian and a Bosnian, who seem to be friends and are here working, a Serbian woman here on holiday, but hoping to work in Germany someday, a French woman who works as a programmer in London, but whose man is here, and a Spaniard with a quest here yet unknown to me.  They all speak German well, probably better than me, but a few days of dusting off the cobwebs should do wonders for my confidence.  The course itself is great and I know I'll learn a lot in the next two weeks.  While I shouldn't judge too quickly from the first day, my group feels a lot different than my summer group did.  Maybe it is because last summer I had already found myself in the circle of young Russian-speaking девушки (girls) during the first break, while the closest I've got this time so far is understanding snippets of the Serbian being spoken to my right.  But I was even close with the non-Russian speakers in my group.  We were all close and we all played translator for whoever in the group couldn't understand whatever language we were communicating in. Maybe it is because last summer we were all starting from practically zero and there was a sort of comradery in the endeavor. Whatever it is, I'm still going to make the most of my time there learning German, which is what I'm there to do.  And if I make a few buddies to grab lunch or take a walk with after class that will just be icing on the cake. I tried to strike-up some small talk with the American during our first break and the first thing he says to me, in that voice Americans use when speaking to foreigners is, "You know, you're English is quite good." huh?!?!? Apparently he didn't catch the "Ich komme aus den USA (I am from the USA)"part of my introduction and "Chelsea"didn't give him any clues about my approximate nationality.
After class I took an adventure and walked around for a good few hours.  I bought an external hard drive to begin the fun task of backing up all of my computer files and then had lunch and window shopped a bit just for fun even though there's nothing I really want to buy right now. And now, it's time for some good old German homework! Bis später!

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