Sunday, January 13, 2013

21st Birthday!

I'm so old! Might as well just start calling me Babushka! Okay, just kidding!  I don't feel a bit different.  In fact, turning 21 in a country where I could have been buying beer at 16 seems a little anti-climactic.  But never the less it was an incredibly splendid birthday and one to be remembered! I woke up in the morning to more surprises than I could have imagined! First a cake with С днем рождения! (Happy Birthday) written on it.  Then a beautiful bouquet of flowers and candles in the shape of the number 21.  And as if that wasn't enough, there were presents as well! A box of tea and the Lonely Planet guide to Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan (travel plans may or may not be in the works :D ) I opened the birthday cards from my mama and siblings and smiled as I read their sweet messages.  We enjoyed some coffee and cake together.  The cake was/is (there's still some left, but maybe not quite as much as you might expect haha) delicious! Mario was, of course, afraid it wouldn't be so tasty, but he had nothing to worry about! I went to work (more on that later) for most of the morning, afternoon, and early evening, but was home by about 7 PM.  We had something to eat and then had a really nice, long walk in the city in the crisp night air.  I felt so special and loved the entire day and  couldn't stop gushing about how sweet the morning surprises were! First birthday abroad - check!

Фотография: This is what I woke up to yesterday! Best start to my 21st birthday!))))
Birthday morning surprises!

Фотография: Birthday morning cake and coffee))
Birthday morning coffee and cake!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! :) May many other amazing birthdays follow this one!