Monday, December 10, 2012

Tonight, my heart is broken for the orphans of the world. Specifically the orphans of Ukraine and specifically those living in School-Orphanage Number 8 here in Kharkov.  This really amazing guy, Oleg, runs an organization that helps the kids in many different orphanages in Ukraine.  Not only does he collect necessities and gifts for the kids, but he also organizes great presentations for the kids and is always someone they can talk to and lean on.  He is making such a difference in so many lives and bringing hope to so many young people.  You can check out the website (in English or Russian) to learn more.
Today I was with the darlings talking about communication with people from all over the world and how we can use the internet to learn all about the world even from our own homes.  When I asked if anyone could speak some English little Roma's hand shot up and he confidently introduced himself in English. He's so smart for just a little 6th former! We played around with Rosetta Stone and those beginner level quizzes were no match for their awesome English prowess! We played a repetition game and laughed with each other. I left them with some treats and, of course, there were many pictures to be taken.
Overall it was a fun afternoon.  I left, however, with a bit of a sadness I just couldn't shake. I see these amazing young people and I know that any parent in the world would be blessed and extremely proud to call any one of these kids their own. From what I saw of their home, it is actually pretty nice and the staff I met was kind and caring, but that doesn't replace a Mama's hugs in the morning and being tucked in and told I love you at night.
I can only hope and pray, however, that the efforts of people like Oleg continue to help these children.  That something as simple as someone to chat with, smiles, hugs, and always reminding them how smart and wonderful each and every one of them is will help them through this crazy beautiful life.  So I will say a special prayer for each one of those smiling faces and give a few extra hugs.
Now I really must get back to all that homework glaring at me from my light pink to-do list.

Sharing a few words with the kiddos

Playing with Rosetta Stone

Such beautiful children!


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