Sunday, December 2, 2012


A few weeks ago, when one of the teachers "had a question for me", I quickly assumed that it was a schedule change or a request to change something I was teaching.  How very wrong a was - what a pleasant surprise! The question was, instead, would I like to accompany some of the younger students on a trip to Lvov, creating English lessons for the trip and adding to the trip the element of an English practice.  Munchkins and travel? How could I say no?!?  So Wednesday evening I hopped onto an overnight train to Lvov with my bag of English tricks and had a fantastic few days with darlings ranging between 5 and 12 years old.  According to all of my calculations the trip was a success! From the youngest to the oldest they confidently confronted me with "Hello!"s from morning to night and walked away beaming after our short conversations.  I tried to have at least one conversation consisting of more than hi, how are you with every kid and there were a few who really latched on and racked their little brains for all the right words.  English lessons took place in the stuffy train cars and perched on hotel beds.  We sang, played, colored, and laughed.  Their minds were little steel traps, impressing me with how much they learned.  They giggled when I spoke Russian.  Hugs and smiles abounded and I almost always had at least one little one by the hand.  "I like you Chelsea.  I really like you!", Edik couldn't stop reminding me.  What a great trip!
Saturday morning we arrived back in Kharkov and after a nice long (hot!!!) shower I resolved to spend the day relaxing, playing piano, and finishing up some work.  A call to home and Saturday night Skype date rounded off a lovely day.
Today church was especially lovely, but my mid afternoon my throat was hurting something terrible and my head felt like it weighed 50 pounds.  I've been downing the tea and haven't been back outside, so I'm hoping by morning I'll be feeling better.  Come on, body, just a few more healthy weeks!

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