Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last night we said до свидания to our dearest Kayla.  Vera leaves us Friday night and Masha will leave for the States while I am still in Germany.  It's so sad((( It really does seem like yesterday that we were touring the university and having our first lessons.  Part of me still expects to see Kayla in Russian class tomorrow morning and I can't actually imagine that Vera and Masha are leaving soon as well.  I can't imagine the emotions they are all feeling, especially Kayla and Masha, who have been here for a year. I'm sure I will be a big teary mess in May! But better not to think of that now! Ukraine has taught me so much already.  Like how to spend a lot of time on heels.  Heels on ice, heels on uneven and nonexistent sidewalks, and heels on icy uneven nonexistent sidewalks. I've learned how to navigate the complex water situation here in our apartment, compromising with myself about how cold the water has to be before I won't shower and how long I can trick the world into thinking my unwashed hair still looks acceptable. The cashiers and basically all point of service workers here are still scary, but I'm learning how to hold my own.  I've started to learn the delicate balance of when to try to blend in and when it actually works to my advantage to go full-out foreigner.   I really don't enjoy talking on the phone, but it seems to be the number one method of communication here, so I take a deep breath and pick up that call from my professor or call that director I've never before met. I've learned to love gretchka...that one wasn't too hard))
I still have another half a year of making memories on this incredible adventure and so much more to learn!

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