Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kharkov woke up under a blanket of white.  I woke up with a cold little nose, not wanting to emerge from under my blanket of red.  But the first snow of the winter definitely put a smile on my face and I delighted in the crunch crunch crunch of the snow under my boots.  It's been an exceptionally busy week here in Kharkov.  I had a big presentation for one of my politics classes on Wednesday and today was an open-forum sort of lesson with the other fourth year students in our department.  There was a lot of pressure from our teacher to perform at a high level and I felt tense most of the lesson, but I think she was pleased with the result. Having finished the busiest parts of this week I wrote a new to-do list, just as long as the first. If I was ever worried about being bored or not busy enough here in Kharkov, that one went and took care of itself! It's so great! This first semester has flown right on by. In 9 days I will be on a train to Kazan and in 17 days I will be in Munich for over three weeks with the german))

In unrelated news, our water won't turn on and the toilet won't flush.  Just another day in Ukraine...

Hope you're all filled with winter cheer!

Lots of hugs and love to the many dear friends and family all of the world I'm missing these days!

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