Friday, November 16, 2012

Traveling has become my way of life.  It has crossed the line from hobby to way of life.  I am constantly packing up a bag and heading somewhere new.  My life is a compilation of airplanes, trains, ticket offices, hostels, passport stamps, and reservations. And this certainly isn't luxury travel we're talking about, my friends!  I'm becoming pro at inexpensive travel plans and my map reading skills aren't too shabby.  A 15 hour train ride no longer phases me and staying up all night to catch an early morning flight doesn't leave me dreading the journey.  30 hours to get to Kazan and almost two days on the way home? No problem! 18 hours one way to the other side of Ukraine? Sign me up!
And with this lifestyle of traveling has come the ability to feel comfortable in a new city in a very short amount of time.  I recently spent four days in Moscow and sometime during day two or three I found myself feeling comfortable in that crazy city.  I hope my spirit of adventure never dies out!

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  1. I hope your spirit of adventure never dies either, Chels! You are one awesome young woman! :-)