Monday, November 26, 2012

I love Thanksgiving so much that I just had to do it again! Saturday night my apartment was filled with 12 of my dear friends from the Window on America speaking club for a Thanksgiving celebration.  Everyone showed up around 19:30 with tons of food and the usual everyone settling into the group atmosphere commenced. We played a few ice breaker games and munched on snacks while we shared what we are thankful for.  Next game a word unscramble, which everyone was super excited and competitive about.  Next came pin the hat on the turkey, which left us all folded over in laughter.  Singing was next on the agenda and with the help of lyrics sheets, Bogdan's amazing guitar playing, and a couple of sound files from the internet, we had one awesome sing-along going on! The evening continued in a series of more party games, snacking, and more laughing than I have done in a good long while.  Around 22:30, surprise! The power went out! We took advantage of the flash and timer on my camera to take some group shots and then sang a few more songs, using our cell phones to see the lyrics.  By 23:15 everyone was heading out to catch the metro home. I gave hugs all around and then did some cleaning up in the dark.  The power eventually came back around 00:30.  Saturday night was one of the most fun nights I have had since arriving in Kharkov.  Nothing beats being surrounded by incredible friends - for them I am indescribably thankful!


Love it!

Some of my favorite people!



And more silly

The boys!

With Olya!

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