Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It has been a weird couple of days here in Kharkov.  Everything seems to be going wrong and it feels like every day has its own set of new frustrations.  Yet, among it all, each day holds something to smile about, something new and interesting.  So when it's late evening and the internet is going on its third day of not working, you've been freezing for a week even wrapped up in multiple layers in your own apartment, you haven't had a hot shower in about a month, and getting a Russian visa just keeps getting more and more complicated, you can still sit perched on the edge of your roommate's bed and chat and complain and vent, but also smile and laugh and be happy about the little things in life - - - like awkward security guards, sweater tags setting off store alarms, and always the happy little students who make Mondays and Fridays the best days of the week.
Today we waited for Olga outside the consulate for over an hour, but it looks the visas will be a go! And today, it's even a little bit warm outside! And I'm using the internet at Coffee Life, where I got to drink a delicious coffee-maybe even better than Starbucks)) Just gotta keep smiling somehow!


  1. Hang in there! :) I heard that they're turning the heat on next week... hopefully it's the truth and not just a rumor!

  2. I know it's challenging right now, Chels, but hang in there! (I know you will!) Keep that positive spirit alive...and when you're really feeling down, remember that you marched Drum Corps for 8 WEEKS with a fractured pelvis! If you can do that, you can do ANYTHING! FCO! :-)

    Love you lots! :-)


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