Monday, October 8, 2012


This morning, after shivering my way through a shower I would barely classify as lukewarm (at least something was coming out of the hot water knob), with shampoo in my hair and facewash on my face - suddenly nothing! So I got to fumble around with my eyes closed to figure out that the hot water really was kaput and then rinse my face and hair with ice water.  I wasn't such a happy camper! It was only 7 AM and I know most people in Ukraine don't wake up very early, so why were we hot water-less already? Since living in this apartment I am yet to have a hot shower.  The lukewarm, atleastitdoesn'tfeellikei'mpouringiceonmybody is about as good as it gets here :/ When I was explaining it to our director I said, "I've never fogged the mirror", which is impressive considering how tiny the bathroom is - there isn't anywhere for any potential hot water steam to run off to.  So yeah, I normally am a trooper and don't complain about this kind of stuff, but it is definitely one of the frustrations of life here.  At least we have water, right? :)
On a brighter note, I had an awesome time with Vera and her friends from church last night.  We sang songs together in English, Russian, and Ukrainian, had tea and sandwiches and cookies, and just goofed around like a bunch of teenagers.  So much fun! And they are all so nice and funny!
Well, time to take on another busy week!

Tea, yummies, and good times with friends!
*Photo credit - Verochka :)

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