Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student life

Classes started this Monday and I already feel like I'm living the student life and rapidly filling up my schedule!
My schedule looks like this right now:
     Monday - Soviet and Post Soviet Politics 13:25 - 15:00
                     Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective 15:15 - 16:50
     Tuesday - Russian 13:25 - 16:50

     Wednesday - Russian 9:55 - 11:40
                          Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective 13:25 - 15:00
                          Soviet and Post Soviet Politics 15:15 - 16:50
                          Choir 17:00 - 19:00
     Thursday - Ukrainian 11:40 - 13:25

     Friday - Choir 15:15 - 17:00

It may not seem like a lot of hours at the university, but believe me, when you add in homework and studying and excursions and random other things that have to get done, my schedule already feels pretty full! Plus, I know I'm not done adding things to my life schedule for the year. But I like being busy, of course!

Today was especially busy day.  After Russian class I had to meet up with someone and go to the clinic to get my HIV test for the university.  After the HIV test I stopped by the bank before going back to the university main building to buy a book for class.  The book cost 80 UAH (about 10 dollars), but the smallest thing I had was a 200 and they (of course) didn't have change.  So I had to go down to the cafeteria (in the basement) and buy something (where they also had to go searching for change) before I was able to go back up to the third floor to buy my book.  After buying my book I headed to the third floor of the other university building for my next class.  All of that in a nutshell - so many stairs! good workout - right?)) After my first class Vera and I went with Tatiyana to find where the choir meets.  Tatiyana decided that we can speak the language well enough to take care of things ourselves, so she left while we waited for the director to arrive.  The other students also waiting seemed a bit surprised that some Americans were coming to join their choir and were glad to hear that we know Russian and Ukrainian.  After the director arrived we introduced ourselves and asked a few things about the choir.  She tested our ranges in front of a room full of students, but we survived)) She seemed really pleased with us and had us sign our names and phonenumbers into the list of choir members.  She assignment me to Soprano I and Vera to Soprano II, so we'll be able to practice singing with another part when we practice our music at home.  I'm already so excited to start rehearsals! After meeting with the choir we returned for another hour and a half of class, by the end of which I was feeling a little sleepy.  This weekend Mario and I are headed to Kiev, so I will have many adventures to write about again soon.

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