Friday, September 14, 2012

Pictures from Kiev!

Two glasses of Kvas (wheat soda) overlooking the Dnieper River 

Kiev and the Dneiper! Beautiful!

A heart in the sand

Kvas, sunshine, and my favorite boy in Kiev, Ukraine

Where it all began....

NovaMova (new language) International Language School

View from Andreski cathedral

On top of the hill at  Andreski cathedral

And now me at  Andreski cathedral))

andreski descent - always one of my favorite walks in Kiev

Learning how to eat sunflower seeds the Ukrainian way.  It really is an art form ;)

On Xreshatik with the Lady of Freedom monument behind us

Showing off the sunflower seeds

Note the Ukrainian flag in the background!



Being silly in the park

ONE YEAR! nothing changed!

The fast train back to Kharkiv

Lunch at the "Usual Restaurant" in Kiev.  Russian potato salad, Ukrainian dumplings, and apple juice

Self photo attempt

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