Thursday, September 13, 2012

Back to Kiev!

Last Thursday Mario and I headed back to Kiev for a weekend in the city with our favorite Ukrainians! We took a train out of Kharkov at 18:45 and were in Kiev by 23:15.  Gotta love those fast trains! When we finally made it Nastia and Ksenya's apartment we all went to bed right away.  I felt a little bad that we arrived so late because Nastia had to get up for school in the morning, but in true Ukrainian fashion they were so welcoming and happy to see us - they're great! Friday morning we slept in a bit and waited for Nastia to get home from the dentist before heading into the city. First we went to a modern art center that Nastia had visited when I was in Kiev a couple of weeks ago. We met up with Nastia's friends in the evening and went to a cute cafe near Zoloti Vorota. At the cafe you pay a price based on the number of hours you are there and then can have as much coffee, tea, cookies, and candy as your little heart desires during that time.  There is also a piano, board games, free wifi, and comfy couch seats.  We had so much fun just chatting, laughing, and taking pictures - for me, some much needed girl time.  Hopefully Mario wasn't too bored ;) Towards the end of our time there some guy started giving a presentation about his collection of airplane safety manuals (strange, right?) and we were kind of glad to be leaving soon.  We stopped by a birthday party where Ksenya was at a yoga studio not far from the cafe, but didn't stay too long.  There was a big group of people playing drums and it kind of hurt Nastia's head.  Back at the apartment Mario and I watched "Friends with Benefits" half in English and half in Russian, but both fell asleep before the end of the movie.  Saturday we explored Kiev from morning until night and even went to visit good old NovaMova language school where this crazy story began over a year ago.  Nastia stayed home to do her homework so that she could go out with us Sunday.  Sunday we met up with her childhood friend Zoya and after visiting Nastia's babushka in the hospital went into the center of the city again. We stopped by the yoga studio to say goodbye to Ksenya before heading to the train station for our quick trip back to Kharkov.  Goodbyes are never fun, but there is something about those moments sitting in the train waving and smiling at your friend on the platform that makes my heart happy.  The joy of a weekend well-spent with someone dear to me and the promise of another visit soon!  Once we were back in Kharkov it still felt like we were in Kiev somehow.  The train trip isn't so long and it somehow felt even faster Sunday night, so it is easy to imagine that you haven't even left Kiev.
This week has gone by quickly again and the weekend is already almost here. I have decided to go to both my Russian class and the other students' Russian class because there is time in my schedule.  I already basically everything being taught in that class, but it is always good to review grammar grammar grammar and the more exposure to the language as I can get the better. Choir this week has been fun (we had rehearsal Monday and Wednesday and will have it again tomorrow). I love being part of a group here and having a chance to sing in choir again just like the good old days.  We're even singing a piece that I sang in Varsity Singers in high school)))
Well, that's all for now.  I'm looking forward to a fun weekend here in Kharkov.  There is a festival on Saturday a little bit outside of the city and a football game Saturday night!

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