Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ulm and Augsburg

Here in Bavaria one small and not so expensive ticket can turn any average day into an adventure.  Saturday morning we woke up and, having no other plans, decided that we would simply go to Hauptbahnhof, look at the train schedules, and have a spontaneous day. We selected a train with destination Ulm, hoping to also hit up Augsburg on the return journey.  We bought Russian and English newspapers to read on the train and were lucky enough to get seats both when we first got on the train and when we transferred to the part of the train actually going all the way to Ulm. Setting out from the central train station in Ulm our walk around the sitting was determined on street corner at a time, eventually leading us to a walk along the River Danube and back through the center to the train station. The city center of Ulm is marked by the Ulm Minster - a church with supposedly the highest steeple in the world. Another Ulm claim to fame is as the birthplace of Albert Einstein.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so you'll have to check out google images if you want to see pictures of Ulm and Augsburg.
Augsburg was another small, but cute Bavarian town and we spent a few hours exploring in the same unplanned way in which we always explore a new city. On the train back to Munich from Augsburg we were sitting near three very drunk British men, one of whom was down for the count and fast asleep not long after the train departed. They were friendly though and Mario amused them with impressions of the announcements on the London tube and some English slang.  Once back in Munich I headed back to Unterhaching and relaxed for a bit before an early bedtime.  I was one very sleepy Chelsea!

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