Saturday, August 25, 2012

The long overdue account of Amsterdam adventures

Tuesday evening, August 14th, I flew from Munich to Amsterdam on a quick little direct flight.  To the center was quick and easy and I was relaxing for the night in the hostel in no time.  Wednesday I wore myself out exploring Amsterdam from dawn until dusk, visiting the Rijksmuseum (art), Amsterdam History Museum, and Anne Frank House.  Also during Wednesday I saw the well-known I AMSTERDAM tourist attraction and happened upon a free outdoor a capella concert in the evening! Thursday Danny, a dutch friend who I marched with in Blue Stars and haven't seen for 2 years came to the city! We spent the day exploring the city on foot, rehashing old Blue Stars moments, and catching up on each others' lives.  It's always nice to spend the day with an old friend! After Danny caught a train back home I took a nighttime canal boat tour and it was just lovely! I met a woman from Pennsylvania and a Russian-speaking girl from Azerbaijan.  Friday was my last full day in the Netherlands, so after checking out the hostel I took a bus out of Amsterdam a little over an hour to a place called Kinderdijk.  There stand 19 traditional windmills and lots of open space to walk around and enjoy nature a bit.  I spent about 4 hours there just walking around and enjoy nature before heading back into Amsterdam for a little bit.  At night I took the train to the airport and spent the night in the airport for my early-morning flight back to Munich.
So there is the Amsterdam trip in a nutshell! All in all it was super! Amsterdam is beautiful beyond what I imagined.  The hostel was also perfect! I would recommend it to anyone headed to Amsterdam. And no, I DID NOT visit any coffee shops while in Amsterdam - there is so much more to the city than that stupid stereotype.

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