Friday, August 10, 2012

Budapest and one final night of camping

Having slept hard and put Wednesday behind us, we woke up around eight on Thursday and went into Budapest with the car(the previous night we took the metro--yeah, camping close enough to the capital of Hungary to be able to go into the center by metro!) to do some more exploring.  We found a pretty good parking spot and I bought two oranges at a small cafe to break up the large bills we had into a whole bunch of coins for parking.  That is what happens when parking is 400 forints per hour (276 forints = 1 euro) and you need to pay for almost three hours of parking completely in coins! We were parked on the east bank "Pest", so we crossed over to the west bank "Buda" and climbed up to the Buda castle.  It was a pretty decent climb and it was a hot day, so by the time we reached the top we took some pictures and then enjoyed some ice cream and water. After the castle we walked around the city some more and decided to have lunch because we had a fair amount of Hungarian currency to use up.  We filled up our tummies at a small restaurant and were on the road to Austria.  We still had quite a bit of money in forints, so we made a stop before the boarder to fill up the tank, get some coffee, and stock up on some snacks for the road and for camping, but still didn't use up all of our currency. Guess we'll just have to go back to Hungary! We camped about 60 kilometers from Vienna in Eastern Austria at Neusiedler See  (Lake Neusiedl) at another crowded campground. It was still early in the day so we were able to enjoy some swimming and beach time before showering and heading out to get some groceries.  We cooked a good dinner for our final night of camping and reflected on the trip a bit before turning in for the eighth and final night of of camping.

Budapest, Hungary

Before our climb to the Buda Castle (you can't actually see the castle in this picture)

At the top!

Tourists in Budapest!

Walking through the city

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