Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another hot day and a mysterious noise

As we left our campground in Montenegro we once again heard the mysterious sound that appeared to be coming from the air conditioning in the car. Since we had started using the air conditioning more this sound had made its appearance and even though it seemed to be nothing to worry about, no one wants to end up with car problems over 1000 kilometers from home in a country where you don't speak the language.  That noise had us searching for a Mercedes Benz service center in Montenegro and puzzling over what exactly to do about it. In the end we decided that just continuing on was our best plan, as it seemed to simply be a normal noise of the air conditioning doing its thing. Thankfully we had no problems with the car on the trip and the noise really was nothing of consequence. Besides the reststop where Mario checked things out under the hood, our first stop of the day was in the oh so touristy town of Budva, Montenegro.  It is a resort city with a beach full of swimmers and sunbathers, but also plenty of shops, street food vendors, and ice cream stands.  We had some yummy pizza with mushrooms near the beach and then walked along the beach for a while and ate ice cream, of course.  It was a sunny hot afternoon, so we were a bit jealous of the swimmers. When we finally found where we parked the car, we headed south. Initially we stopped at a campground early on, but were unimpressed by the beach there and it was still early in the day.  We were pining after the beach though and were not far from the well-know Sveti Stefan area, so we found a parking lot near the beach and enjoy a couple of hours swimming and laying out.  We stopped again at a campground where Mario had stayed with his parents a few years ago, but mostly just to investigate how it had changed.  We kept going south until we reached the town of Ulcinj, Montenegro and once again wedged our tent into the very last available campground space. Our neighbors were some friendly Serbians who gave us advice about camping in Serbia and told us that we better not go to Kosovo (we hadn't  planned on it anyhow).  Mario was starving, so the very first thing we did was get some quick food on the street before setting up our tent.  We walked along the beach and Mario bought nectarines from a young man selling fruit on the street.  Thinking back on that night in Montenegro it feels like some sort of perfect summer dream.  Summer nights when the sun has gone down and there is just a hint of cool breeze are my very favorite and then add the beach and camping, two more things that I enjoy so very much and the memories bring a smile to my face.  And there is no regret because I know that I was enjoying it in the moment just as much as I enjoy looking back on it now.

Taking a look under the hood

Budva, Montenegro

Camping in Ulcinj


More flag!

Sunset on the beach

Beautiful evening in Ulcinj

mmm, fresh nectarines (and the restaurant in the background where we grabbed dinner)

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