Thursday, August 9, 2012

And we're off!

I posted a short blurb from the campsite in Croatia on the first day, but I will also write about the first day here for the sake of writing down everything from the beginning to the end.  On Wednesday evening I gave hugs, said goodbyes, and caught the 20:37 s-bahn out of Unterhaching.  Mario and I met on the street as I was walking from the u-bahn station to his apartment and even though we attempted to get some sleep around 22:30, I don't think either one of us got more than a couple of hours of shut-eye. Coffee and excitement were our friends in the morning though and we were leaving Munich just before 4am. Although we were several hours into our trip by the time we stopped in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the day was just getting started in the city and we enjoyed a morning walk and some coffee.  Our next big stop wasn't until mid-afternoon well past the Croatian boarder in the coastal town of Split. We were both so happy to have a view of the sea at last and soak up a little bit of the warm sunshine. Back on the road we continued our driving, oooing and ahhhing at the beautiful coastal views before taking our first look at a campground just past Omis, Croatia.  It looked nice and the price was good, so we set up our tent in one of the very last spots available and then finally had our first chance to swim!! That night in the campground we cooked a simple dinner of rice with mushrooms and sausages, discovered that the camp had wifi, took a night walk along the beach, and finally hit the ground after a long day of traveling.  We saw so much on the very first day, but that was only just the beginning of it all!

4am! Ready or not, here we come!

Ljubljana, Slovenia 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Silly tourist in Slovenia

Flags! (it became a requirement to take a picture with a flag in every country)

Welcome to Croatia!

Typical red Croatian dirt

The sea! At last! 

The port city of Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia


Walking along the sea in Split

Back on the road!

Home sweet home for 8 nights

Giant knife!

Auto Kamp Sirena and squinty-eyed Chelsea

***This delay in posting brought to you by technical difficulties with my computer.  Thank goodness they have been resolved!***

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