Thursday, August 9, 2012

A quick jaunt into Bosnia

Friday morning we took down camp and headed out of Croatia for the afternoon into Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The city of Mostar was our destination and after a smooth boarder crossing it was only a few more kilometers to the city.  We managed to find (free!) parking and then took a walk around the city center.  The city was quite different from other European cities I have been in with mosques dotting the skyline and generally a more "eastern" feel.  The old town street is filled with little cafes and street vendors selling all sorts of knick knacks . We took some pictures on the Stari Most (Old Bridge), but Mario refused to adhere to the tradition of young men jumping from the bridge into the waters of the Neretva river below. We had a quick lunch at one of small cafes in the old town and then made our way back towards where we had parked.  One interesting this about Mostar was the number of bombed-out and falling apart buildings that were still standing with new buildings constructed around them.  Of course, most of them probably look worse than they did right after the fighting because it ended almost 20 years ago, but the fact that nothing has been done with so many of these buildings was a bit surprising to me.  We took a smaller road through the mountains when we left Mostar and had a beautiful mountain drive overlooking a national park.  Perfect! Leaving Bosnia we had a small scare when at first it appeared that there was no boarder control where we crossed back into Croatia.  We couldn't remember if our passports had been scanned on the way in and we wanted to make sure that we were not technically still in Bosnia.  In the end our passports must have not been scanned because we did finally come to the boarder station and the guards simply waved us through.  Once back in Croatia we found camping not far from the city of Dubrovnik and spent the evening swimming and then just relaxing and chatting near our tent. Day two - check!

Boarder Station


Stari Most in Mostar

Overlooking the city


More Mostar

On the Stari Most

View of the bridge from the Old Town

On our drive

The fork in the road where we started our drive through the mountains

Driving through the mountains

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