Friday, July 27, 2012

You know it's the 21st century when...

Your campsite has wifi! But seriously, this place is great. Three am was our wake up time and we were on the road by 4am! Mario may or may not have been caught speeding just outside of Munich. We made our way through Slovenia, stopping in Ljublyana for an hour, before crossing into Croatia. After a short stop in Split we found a campground along the coast and settled in 582 miles after leaving Munich! We swam a bit, cooked dinner, took a night walk, and called it a night. We have to leave by noon, so we'll head out (we're a little past the town of Omis) after a bit of packing up and beach time :)

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  1. So was there a ticket involved? I hope he only got a warning! It's cool to hear of all the places you're visiting...I like to look them up on the map when you mention cities. :-)