Friday, July 20, 2012

Guess what IIIII have...

A Ukainian Visa!! Yipppeeee! I went to the Consulate on Wednesday morning, waited just a few minutes and that pretty little document was mine allll mine! So happy! It just makes it that much more real.  Since then I have purchased my bus ticket to Kiev, my plane ticket to Amsterdam, and made my Amsterdam hostel reservation.  Everything is coming together and even though I will be said to leave Germany, there is always another adventure to look forward to.
So let's backtrack a little.  This past weekend I had an amazing time visiting the family's farm in Laufen, Germany on the boarder with Austria.  Toby and I took the train there Friday afternoon and from the moment we arrived I was greeted by the warm hospitality of his family.  They were patient with my spotty German and we were actually able to converse with each other a bit.  Toby gave me a tour of the farm Friday, Saturday we went into Salzburg, and Sunday we toured Laufen and casually crossed the bridge into Austria. On Saturday two neighbor kids who are 3 and 8 came over and after a few minutes of them being shy we were running around the house, laughing,and having all sorts of fun.  Sunday early afternoon while we were out they called twice to see if I was home and were at the house as soon as I arrived back.  We played until I had to leave and they demanded to know when I would be back to play with them again.  They were oh so adorable and I love that I have enough German to understand and speak a little with the young kids.  Plus, they don't care if I make mistakes :)
Since Friday was the last day of my German course I have had a bit more free time in the mornings this week.  It's nice not to be leaving for the grocery store or doing housework while the kids are home in the afternoon.  I have had more time to cook and do a little extra cleaning and can relax or even update my blog ;) so I am a happy camper.
Federico is here this week in Munich!!! He arrived Tuesday evening and I can't say enough how happy I am that the three musketeers are reunited! Tuesday night we met up and went to Mario's brother's birthday get together and Wednesday and yesterday we just walked and laughed, went to Hofbräuhaus, and took all sorts of silly pictures. He is here until Saturday morning so today we're planning a final night of fun.
So now for a little Chelsea-oopsy story.  Tuesday night after the birthday celebration I was on one of the last s-bahn trains home.  I was so so sleepy and probably should have stood up instead of sitting down on the train.  I heard the announcement for Geising, but next thing I knew I was looking out the window as the train was leaving Unterhaching (my station!!!) I thought, "no problem! I'll ride to the next station and take the next train back!" Nope! I did ride to the next station, but only to see that it was a brief 186 minute wait for the next train.  So I got a number of a taxi service from the ever helpful Mario, somehow managed to order the taxi and get home using only German and made it safely to my nice comfy bed. Phew! Next time I'm that tired I will NOT sit down on the train!
My time in Germany is quickly coming to an end.  At the end of next week Mario and I will leave for our Southeastern Europe camping adventure, then back to Unterhaching for about a little over a week, then off to Amsterdam, back to Munich for two days, Kiev for a week, and finally Kharkov!
Всего хорошего!

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