Sunday, July 1, 2012

For those of you back in Indiana, you probably don't want to hear me say anything about hot weather because it is so much hotter there, but I'll say it anyway - It has been a hot past few days! Friday was the first really hot day of the weekend after a short but powerful thunderstorm and lots of rain in the early morning.  We went to the river around 7pm, but the sun was still hot at that point and the ice cold water was refreshing.  After some aimless wandering, Turkish "fast food", proving to Mario that beer IS on the menu at McDonalds in Germany, and yet another walk by the Russian consulate, we headed back to his apartment to make a plan for Saturday and I ended up just waiting until morning to go back to Unterhaching.
Saturday we enjoyed some sun and swimming at Chiemsee.  Since our tickets were good for any Bavarian trains the entire day, we took the 50 minute train ride from Chiemsee and found ourselves in Salzburg, Austria.  We had about an hour and a half before we had to catch the last train back towards Munich, so we wandered around the city center and took some pictures.  Even though it was after 8pm and the sun was setting, it was quite hot and humid.  By the time we were on the train home I think we were both a bit worn out from the day.  Once I got back to Unterhaching I fell asleep pretty quickly and slept hard until the morning.  Today I just plan on relaxing in Unterhaching before the start of another full week.

Salzburg, Austria

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