Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Willkommen in Deutschland!

I made it! Twenty hours of travel, with a technical delay in Chicago resulting in a missed flight in Warsaw, getting on a new flight in Warsaw, and arriving in Munich for a short car trip to the family's home! Markus (the dad in the family) picked me up at the airport and when I got home Regina (the mom), their two sons, nephew, and other au pair were there to meet me.  We had a little something to eat and chatted a bit, but I was pretty tired and really in need of a shower, so after a little bit I headed upstairs to settle in a bit.  I skyped with Mom and showed her my cute little room before calling it a night.  Regina said that I should rest on Tuesday and even though I woke up several times throughout the night, I actually got out of bed around 11.  No one was home, so I ate a banana and read a little until Renat came home from language school.  When the youngest daughter Leni got home from school we went into the city to buy a piano! Leni has been wanting to learn for a really long time now and she is finally going to get her wish! I'm excited that there will be a piano in the house and am looking forward to helping her learn.  I'm thinking about enrolling in a language class because I would really like to learn some German. I think I will start a class in July because I'm about about a week late for the June start date at this particular school and I want to get the full time out of the program. Until then I'll just learn a little on my own and Regina told Leni she has to teach me one German word per day :)
Last night after a dinner of yummy Bavarian soup I was sitting in my room when I heard shouts of excitement that the cat had her babies! The cat came home Monday night after being out for a week or so according to Marcus, so I guess she was back just in time to give birth to those little kittens.  After the kitten excitement I left to go meet up with Mario. We met up at my S-bahn stop and headed into the city.  We walked around for a bit, but neither one of us was really enjoying the rain, so we went into a place called Hofbrauhaus.  It's basically the most stereotypical Bavarian place around and loaded with tourists drinking beer, listening to a live band play music, and chuckling at the lederhosen-clad staff. I had my first German beer there and I liked it well enough for someone who generally doesn't like beer.  Maybe German beer is just better ;) On the train ride home I took a look at the gift Mario gave me, a book of our memories and photos which he had made and titled "История Двух Русскоговорящих Людей".  I don't care if I looked like a complete fool because I was smiling from ear to ear reading through that book.  I undoubtedly have THE best German boy ever!!! 
I got home around midnight and went to sleep shortly after.  I didn't sleep in much this morning, but by the time I was showered and dressed the family had left for the day, so I went downstairs and cleaned-up the kitchen and had some coffee and breakfast.  I know I'm crazy, but I really love such housework and cleaning! :D

My adorable purple bed in my adorable perfect room!

A count -up (?) I made on the day Mario and I said our good-byes in London.  I stopped it when I received his text that said he was at the Unterhaching station :)

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