Monday, June 18, 2012

A very full life!

Even though I do find myself with some free time here for which I am very thankful, my life here is starting to feel very full.  Full in the sense that I am busy doing something or other almost all day everyday and also full in the sense that I feel like I fit in here.  The very first few days felt a little empty, as an outsider looking in on an already formed family circle.  But now, the circle has been adjusted a bit and there is a place for me in there too! And although that place is still molding and shaping, it's a good feeling.
Last night Mario and I went to a public viewing of the Germany vs Denmark game and then enjoyed the celebratory atmosphere of the streets for a while after.  There was some slight confusion about which trains were actually running at night, so Mario was awesome and rode to the station where I needed to change lines and even waited for me train with me.  It was sooo nice of him to go out of his way for me and it made me feel a lot better having him come with me to make sure all was well.  Such a gentlemen)))
This morning I went to German class for the first time! I like the school and we are moving quickly through material.  My class is a mix of students from all over the world.  I think the countries represented among the students are America, Spain, Peru, Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Belarus, and Russia if I'm not forgetting anyone.  So fun! Naturally, I have found my place happily among the Russian-speaking females at the school, a happy little bunch of four that met up during the first break.  I'm the only non-native speaker among the group, but what's new? haha Although I don't really have time to hang out with them right after school(they invited me to come with them today), maybe we can hang out in the evenings or on a weekend.  One girl said she has a Russian friend who is also an au pair in Munich who has been a little bored, so maybe her and I can hang out a few times.  We'll see :)
After school I headed home in time for a delicious lunch of blinchiki which Renat made and vacuumed the house (ooo exciting, I know) before all of the kids arrived home.  As soon as Leni gets home playtime ensues pretty immediately.  She and her friends and Benny are so full of energy and it's really fun playing all of the little games they think up.  In a lot of ways it's a lot like how I've always played with my own siblings growing up and every day the language barrier seems to be less and less of a problem.
Tonight I think I'm going to stay in for the first night since I got here, but it will be kind of nice to get to bed a little early and relax.  I think my next biggest adventure in the next few days (besides the exciting Saturday trip Mario and I are planning) is that I will soon be learning to drive stick shift! I'll let you all know how that one goes haha Wish me luck!

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