Sunday, June 17, 2012

Starnberger See and Hide and Seek

"Let us play!" has become Leni's favorite and best English phrase.  Saturday late morning when her and her friend Lina came into my room and shyly asked me to play with them,of course I agreed.  A couple hours later after tag, hide and seek, hula hoop, catch, and monopoly, I had to cut our playdate short to head out to Starnberger See (Lake Starnberg).  Mario and I met up, hopped on the S-bahn, and when we saw that gorgeous, clear lake, we knew we were at the right metro stop.  We walked for a bit to find a good spot along the water and then laid under the unbelievably bright sun until we had to give in to the icy cold waters of the lake.  And I really mean icy cold! It felt wonderful though and by the time we went in for a second dip, we had almost completely dried from our first time in the lake! By the time we left our little place by the lake the sun was starting to ease up and we walked around for a while before getting doner to eat.  The region where the lake is is quite cute and they were having a festival of some sort which had the town center alive and full of celebrating Germans.  After doner we walked and sat by the lake a bit more before going into Munich to walk around.   On the train ride back to the city we had to make a little stop.  You see, one of the types of train tickets you can buy here works on a system of stamps, the number of stamps needed determined by how far you are traveling.  We each only had 2 spaces left for stamps on our tickets and the ticket machine wasn't working, so we had to risk it.  Well, just our luck the ticket control men started walking through our car.  We really had no idea whether or not our two stamps were enough for how far we had already ridden, but we ducked out before they could check our tickets.  That ended up being for the best because we found out that if they would have checked, we were illegally riding....don't want that 40 euro fine!!! When we got off, we decided to walk around a bit while we waited for the next train in our direction.  Upon leaving the station we were immediately met by a women with a bunch of bags of stuff she had bought and one had a broken handle, so she needed our help to carry it to her apartment.  She said it wasn't far so we agreed and helped her carry her stuff while she chatted non-stop the whole way.  I don't know exactly at what point she realized I didn't understand a word coming out of her mouth haha! It was a beautiful summer night though and we walked in some places I hadn't yet been in Munich and even saw the building where the Ukrainian Consulate is! :)
Today I played with Leni, Bernhard, and Leni's friend most of the day.  It's fun how we somehow communicate despite our lack of shared language.  I'm starting to understand words and phrases that the kids say a lot and I try to throw in some of the few German words I know when I can. The older kids understand English a little better and every once in a while employ the help of a translator. I was even able to teach them 4 or 5 card games that they had never played before. When I first got here I thought the kids were a little scared of me, so I'm happy to be doing stuff with them now after a few days here.  I think that as I learn more German it will be easier too.  After all, I still have quite a while left here! :)

Lake Starnberg
Austrian mountains in the distance

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  1. Of course the kids will warm up to you, Chelsea! They may be a bit timid right now, but by the time you leave they will all be very sad to see you go! Keep up the good work, sweetie!