Thursday, June 21, 2012

On driving, German, piano, goodbyes, and freetime

The last time I wrote was Monday and I feel like so much has happened in three short days!
First of all, driving! Tuesday afternoon I drove stick shift for the first time and then Renat and I went out again in the evening to practice.  Of course, he taught me in Russian which was kind of funny.  I felt like I got the hang out it (except starting from being stopped on a hill...eww!), but knew I probably needed a little more practice before taking on Unterhaching own my own.  This morning Regina and Marcus and I talked about how I should get some more practice this weekend so I can drive the kids next week and that today they would just bike to training.  With that in mind I went to the grocery store by bike today when I realized that we needed some things in the house.  After taking basically every wrong turn I could have, I finally found Aldi, bought what I needed with no problem and biked home with a slightly heavier load of groceries than I had expected. Well, about 10 minutes before Bernhard was supposed to be at training he comes into the room and asks me to please drive him.  At that point I of course couldn't make him bike and be late, so after asking Elizabeth's opinion, off we were to drive to training. The driving went really well and even though I misunderstood the roundabout on the way home and took twice as long as I should have to get home, all involved made it where they needed to be in one piece and no traffic incidents occurred as I result of me.  :)
Second...German! I'm still loving German school! We're learning quickly and my teacher and classmates are cool. 
Third...Piano! I think I already wrote that the day after I got here we went into town to buy a piano because the kids want to learn.  Well, it arrived yesterday and everyone was extremely excited (including me, of course)! The kids wanted to hear me play and I also enjoyed some time with the headphones on just enjoying an opportunity to play.  I also wrote out some simple tunes for the kids to play just using note names and finger positions, so the kids are all really excited that they can play "Ode to Joy", "Mary had a Little Lamb", "Chopsticks", and such. I love seeing them excited about piano! 
Fourth...I'm all alone! Okay, not really, but Renat left this morning-saaaddd faaaccee!!! He has been needing to get back to Russia, but I got home from school yesterday and he told me that he would be leaving this morning!! So sudden! But he got a good ticket and had to take it.  This morning we said our goodbyes and it was a little sad to come home after school and not see him in the kitchen listening to music and cooking up something delicious.  From now on I'll have a bit more responsibility, but I'm not really concerned...I think I've got this)) I'll just think of it as training for when I have a family of my own haha! So yeah, that is why I had to learn to drive so quickly and experience a little baptism by fire on the road today.  
Fifth....swimmy swim and skypey skype.  Yeah, somehow I still have freetime! It's great! The past few days have brought skype calls from some friends and promises of more to come.  It's always great to hear from home, especially from my bestest podrushka! Yesterday evening Mario and I went to this nifty indoor/outdoor pool complex and ended up being there for 3ish hours until it closed at 11.  There was a water slide, lazy river, lap pool, kiddy pool, fountains, bubble jets, and a warm outdoor pool.  I think we were everywhere except the kiddy pool ;) The outdoor pool was really nice once the sun went down and it even started to rain a little while we were out there. Super fun way to spend my Wednesday night!
Phew! All of that and it's not even Friday! That's a quick (or not so quick) update on my life the past few days and can't wait to recount the fun the weekend brings!


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