Friday, June 15, 2012

It always rains in Germany...

Or at least that is how I felt the first couple of days. Coming from the HOT Indiana weather we were having to cold and rainy wasn't too fun, but the sun has finally come out and warmed weather has arrived. Wednesday night we went to a public viewing of the Germany vs Netherlands game.  Everyone was celebrating the win, but I think the rain put a bit of a damper on the mood. Oh well, we had umbrellas and by the time we left the center it was hardly raining. Renat and I heard a rousing rendition of "We are the Champions" on the metro ride home! My excitement Thursday was going into the city by myself to register for German language classes.  I found the school with no problem and because everything in my life is all Russian all the time, the woman who registered me was from Russia and we spoke to each other only in Russian. I start class Monday and will go every day from 9-12 yay!! When I got out of the metro I saw a sign pointing towards TU Munchen, so I decided to go wander around the campus for a bit before heading back home.  In the evening Mario and I met up and went walking in the center.  Twas lovely as always, especially without rain)))
This morning I woke up early to help Regina with breakfast because Marcus is out of town.  I think I will get up early and help every morning because I'll have to get ready for school anyhow and I like getting up early.  A little later in the morning Renat and I biked to a public pool nearby and laid out, went down the slide, jumped off the tall diving boards, and laid out some more.  It was so much fun and it was nice to enjoy some summer weather. Also it was nice how few people were there.  Just some grandmothers and babies really. I'm glad Renat and I get along and are becoming friends.  It's nice to have someone else around to do stuff with, especially since I haven't started school yet.  And, of course, it's lovely to be able to chat in Russian all day long! After a couple of nice hours of summertime fun we biked home Renat made lunch.  Who knows what adventures this weekend will bring! Perhaps a trip to the club?? ;)

German pool time!
Tanning! Everything is so green!

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