Tuesday, June 26, 2012

European Adventure

One of the great things about Europe is that there are so many countries so close together, making adventures across boarders a breeze.  Last weekend we took full advantage of the closeness that is Europe and were in 4 countries in 1 day, not just driving through, but actually sight-seeing in all 4! After an exciting public viewing and the excitement of a city celebrating yet another victory, we only got in about 3 hours of sleep before the 6am alarm clock that told us it was time for our adventure to begin.  We were on the road by a little after 7 and made our first stop in Southern Germany a little before 9.  Driving closer and closer to the mountains was absolutely beautiful and the whole time I was wide-eyed and craning my neck.  After a walk through Fussen, Germany and some 11am ice cream, we were on the road again to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles.  The area by the castles was probably even more impressive than the castles themselves.  We had a good laugh when an American tourist decided it would be a good idea to feed the swans and was promptly chased after by them. The next stop was the German/Austria boarder and some walking trails and a shady spot by the creek in the woods for a lunch of sandwiches and fruit.  After a few stop-offs to marvel at the mountain scenery, we crossed another boarder into the tiny Liechtenstein.  After storing all of our millions in Liechtenstein (ok, not really, but one has to joke about that) we headed to our next destination - Switzerland! Earlier in the week when I had looked at the forecast, I was afraid it would be a bit chilly, but the weather was beautiful and sunny and when we left Liechtenstein it was warm enough to change into shorts.  To use the autobahn in Austria we were able to buy a week ticket, but in Switzerland we found out that they only sell year tickets and that if we got stopped there would be a ridiculous fine.  So we decided to take a slightly longer road through the mountain roads and that ended up being 100x better than taking the autobahn.  The scenery was amazing and we drove through all sorts of twisty turny narrow mountain roads.  It was beautiful! Switzerland's main attraction for us was Bodensee, a massive lake claimed by Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.  Even though we had our swimming suits in the car, we for whatever reason left them there, but wanted to swim and therefore did so in our clothes.  Even sitting out in the sun for a while we didn't quite get dry, so the car ride home was a little damp.  I dozed off on the way home and woke up as we were exiting the autobahn for a short pit stop.  Mario took a random turn and found a "King of Kebab" restaurant where we had doner and geared up for the rest of the trip back to Munich. I stayed in the city again Saturday night because it was late and I was still damp from our swim and too exhausted to put forth the effort that a trip home from the center is at night.  After sleeping in a bit I headed home and enjoyed a relaxing day and even Skyped home! If you couldn't tell, I had an absolutely incredible time on the trip this weekend and everything was beautiful! The more I see of the world, the more and more I marvel at the breath-taking beauty of it all.
Sunday night Italy beat England, so tomorrow Germany takes on that next challenge for a shot at a spot in the finals! Yesterday and today have both been pretty normal days of school and home life.  The weather here is gorgeous.  A little bit cool, but sunny and cheerful.  Perfect weather to put anyone in a good mood! Also, there is a Lederhosen apron here that I occasionally where while cooking- I've included pictures haha!
Hope all is well wherever in the world you are reading this! :)

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