Saturday, April 21, 2012

Today we celebrated the last day of Azbuka class with bliny (with сгущёнка-sweet condensed milk, and strawberry preserves) and пряники-honey/gingerbread cookies.  It was pretty sad to say goodbye to them, since I won't be teaching them again until I get back from Ukraine. It was also sad to say goodbye to Vesna, our awesome language coordinator.  Daria gave me a drawing she made, adding to my collection of art made by small Russian children ;) One of the funniest moments today was when Seth, after trying first bliny with strawberry and then a plain one, looked at me and announced, "Nope! I'm definitely not eating this burrito!" Chris and I had a hard time not completely loosing it in laughter!!

Chris and I with two of our students - Daria and Alina!
The most adorable little girls I ever did meet and oh so smart too! 

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