Sunday, January 29, 2012

Munchkins and Moskva!

Saturday was a very exciting day for all sorts of reasons.  To begin with, Chris and I taught our second Russian class and goodness were those kids energetic.  They are super adorable though and most of them have had at least some exposure to Russian and are in general really smart kids.  Alina and Grace are the two girls in the class and latched on to me right away.  When I asked everyone to come sit in a circle to play a game, Alina exclaimed, "I'm sitting by you!" and proceeded to plop herself down into my lap.  "Hey! I'm sitting by her too!" Grace called out after seeing that Alina was occupying my lap and scooted Alina over to make room for the two of them to both sit on my lap.  It was super cute, but we needed space to play the game, so I told them "Okay girls, let's sit in our own spots in the circle" and they reluctantly moved to either side of me.  The kids chose to show their affection for Chris by making him the object of their "tug of war" game, which ended in them tackling him to the ground.  I think they would be happy to play that game all day long, but it doesn't look like that one is going to be showing up in any lessons plans for the good of everyone involved ;)
Saturday afternoon I got a phone call from mom saying that she had my bureau assignments in her hand because they were sent to the house.  I didn't want to wait to know my assignment, so I had her open the letter and read it to me.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my tentative assignment (if I get moved from alternate to permanent position) is in Moscow! Now I definitely want the internship sooo much more than ever!  Ten weeks in Moscow, home for no more than a couple weeks, and then back on a plane to St. Petersburg - that would be so incredibly exciting and would mean that I would spend almost an entire calender year abroad! Even if I do not end up being selected for the full assignment, going through the process of applying and having security clearance done is a good resume builder.  For now, I just keep on keeping on.
Всего хорошего!

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