Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 7 (Wednesday, January 4, 2012)

Today we went to Stonehenge! Such a fun day! We set out by train from London and it was about an hour and a half trip to Salisbury where we met up with a tour bus to Stonehenge and Old Sarum.  The bus only to Stonehenge was going to cost 11 pounds, but for just four pounds more we could go to both, plus admission at both and an audioguide at Stonehenge was included. Obviously we chose the latter. Old Sarum is the sight of the remains of a large castle structure and although there is little left now, we had a nice time walking around the territory.  We were laughing sooo hard trying to take a "sad" picture at Old Sarum because we (especially Mario) could not keep a straight face.  Everyone else probably thought we were absolutely crazy, speaking Russian and laughing uncontrollably! We also took a picture with the horrible path leading up to the sight of Old Sarum.  By the time we left Old Sarum for Stonehenge we were quite cold, but definitely in a good mood from all of our silliness at Old Sarum.  At Stonehenge Mario grabbed a quick snack for his rumbling tummy while I waited to get our audioguide headsets (in Russian, of course!!).  While in line a girl in front of me complimented my scarf and then I asked her if she was from the states (I could tell by her accent). She answered that she was and was quite surprised when I responded that I was too.  She had just heard Mario and me speaking Russian so assumed we were Russian. :) Once we got our headsets we set out to see Stonehenge! It was really neat to just see with my own eyes something I had only ever seen pictures of and read about. We took some pictures and listened to the extent of our audio guide before ducking out of the cold for a few minutes in the gift shop.  I bought some hot chocolate before we left Stonehenge and then we waited for the bus back to Salisbury.  I dozed off on the train ride back to London in between short conversations with Mario. At the beginning of the train ride we had a bit of a laugh intentionally making funny faces when we noticed that a man at the other end of the train was taking a picture of the inside of the train.  Back in London we relaxed at the hostel for a bit, mostly just chatting about life.  We then headed down to the hostel bar for a few drinks and the amusement of watching/dancing/singing along with karaoke night.  We called it an "early" night a little before 2am.

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