Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 6 (Tuesday, January 3, 2012)

     Last night we opted not to set an alarm which resulted in us sleeping in until about noon.  We definitely needed it though after our late night last night and it was nice to be well rested before hitting the city for another full day.  We decided to have Fish and Chips again today for lunch.  Since the weather was so nice again we decided to set out to see some more outdoor London things.  Our first stop was a big cathedral we had seen the night before from the London Eye, but there wasn't much more to see in that section of town so we headed to one of the last must do sights of London- London Tower and Tower Bridge.  Memories of sophomore year Academic Team and that mischievous British royalty.  Tower Bridge was also super impressive with a beautiful view of the river.  As we walked across the bridge the wind was crazy, my hair was flying every which way and Mario and I just laughed and smiled the whole time! Every memory I write just brings a big smile to my face and a great happy feeling in my heart! We just had such an amazingly good time together in Europe!! After London Tower and Tower Bridge we went to my part of town - CHELSEA! I really wanted to go there and Mario was so awesome and just as excited as me to see the region with my name))) I took a bunch of pictures with "Chelsea" signs and just walked around.  After Chelsea we went to the London Docklands, the old port region of London, which is now a business district.  There were really nice places to walk along the river though so it ended up being a really nice way to spend the evening.  By the time we got back on the underground, however, we were pretty frozen! We stopped back at the hostel to rest a little and WARM-UP before changing into our clubbing clothes.  We wanted to go to a "real English pub" so we asked the staff at the hostel and they recommended a couple of places that were the first pubs on the street, which was the first High street in London.  After the pub it still wasn't super late so we went back to the hostel bar for a few minutes before heading out for club night number two.  Tuesdays aren't a very busy club night, but we managed to find a fairly crowded club and stayed until 3am again.  I think the music was only about 85% as good as the music the first night, but we still had a good time (and there was no broken glass on the floor this night!) The promoter who invited us to his club spoke Russian, so it was just another addition to our constant game of finding any and all things Russian. :)

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