Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 5 (Monday, January 2, 2012)

    Today we walked A LOT (even by our standards) and accidentally woke up at 7:30 instead of 8:30.  We saw a changing of the guard ceremony and parade at Buckingham palace and walked around that park area for a bit.  The fact that we saw the parade at all was a bit of an accident because we just so happened to show up at Buckingham Palace and see that everyone was obviously waiting for something and decided to wait with them and see what was going on.  After that we spent quite a bit of time walking around in Hyde Park and enjoy the beautifully sunshiney (albeit a little cold) day. Hyde Park is a massive park and by the time we had walked through a good majority of it we were both getting hungry.  And what could be more perfect than Russian food for our hungry little tummies?!?! We had read in my guidebook that there was a Russian restaurant in London, so we couldn't pass that up.  I ordered borshch and pelmeni and Mario ordered a chicken soup and pelmeni and I felt just like I was back in Ukraine eating Maria's cooking :) Perfect for a cold day and two very hungry travelers. With full tummies we headed to the London Eye and saw many beautiful night views of the city during that adventure. Back at the hostel we had a few drinks and enjoyed some amusing karaoke before changing our clothes and hitting the club.  Monday nights are "student nights" at most London clubs, so we were able to find a fun club with a young crowd and dance until 3am (most of the clubs in London are only licensed until 3am on weekdays unfortunately.  Finding the way home was a bit of an adventure again without the Metro, but we were able to find a bus that got us a little closer to the hostel, so the walk wasn't too bad. I was so happy to have finally hit the club and had a fun fun night dancing with my boy! :) 

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