Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 2 (Friday, December 30, 2011)

     This morning we woke up at 8:00 (well, Mario woke up at 8.  I somehow didn't hear his alarm and ended up waking up when he got back to the room from his shower) and had breakfast at the hostel after we got ready for the day.  We went to see Notre Dame to begin the day before heading to the Eiffel Tower!! The line to go into the tower was really long and we waited about 2 hours from the time we got in line until the time we were on the lift headed up to the top.  It was 100% worth it though! We opted to go to the very highest level.  Even though it was cold and a little overcast, the view from the top was still really great and we took pictures together at the top.  I can now officially cross being kissed on top of the Eiffel Tower off my bucket list ;) The Eiffel Tower excursion took up a big chunk of our day, but we still had some time to kill before 6pm when admission to the Louvre was free.  We went to a newer and more business district-like area of Paris and found another good view of the city, some unusual modern art, and a nice park beautifully lit with lights.  We had to wait in line a little bit to get into the Louvre, but it was nothing compared to our waiting time at the Eiffel Tower.  Once inside we tried to see as much as possible and of course saw the Mona Lisa!!! The Louvre is so expansive that to see everything (and in detail at that) could take the better part of a lifetime (haha!) so we decided the best plan was to just walk around until we felt that we had at least gotten a good impression of each section of the museum.  After the Louvre we wanted something simple to eat so we ate some delicious crepes near Gare du Nord and not far from our hostel.  We did some more walking near our hostel before settling in at the hostel a bit after midnight for some well-deserved sleep!

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