Tuesday, January 17, 2012

До встречи!

This morning we were up and checked out of the hostel by 7am.  We walked to the London Bridge station just a few minutes from the hostel and Mario saw me off.  We had a little extra time, so we got to sit together for a bit in the station before we really had to say our goodbyes.  Saying goodbye is, of course, never easy, especially since we had had such an amazing vacation together.  Not to mention that we had waited so terribly long to see each other and that every minute we get to spend together is extremely precious to both of us.  It was a very teary goodbye for both of us, with promises to write each other as soon as we made it home and that we would never ever forget this amazing winter holiday together.  As always though, it wasn't goodbye, but До встречи (literally "until meeting", but having a meaning more like "see you soon"), which we say because there WILL (God-willing) be a next meeting and the sooner the better.  Eventually I had no choice but to go through the gate and give a final wave and smile goodbye before turning the corner.  As soon as I turned to corner I burst out crying even harder and had to stop for a second to take some deep breaths and head off to find my train.  I made it to the airport without any trouble and the trip in general was really smooth. I had an amusing and slightly embarrassing run-in with a woman working for British airline security which brought some much-needed laughter.  I had a very relaxing flight from London to North Carolina because the person who was supposed to sit next to me (the plane was 2-4-2 and I was assigned the aisle of the left 2) either didn't show up or that ticket was never sold.  I therefore had the luxury of stretching out and was able to sleep for a few hours of the trip.  By the time I got to Indianapolis I was really excited to see my Mom and sister at the airport and enjoyed a nice dinner with them before heading back to Lafayette.  After being stolen away by Erica and Jasmyn for a bit I was one EXTREMELY sleep-deprived girl.
The entire Paris and London trip was, if you haven't gathered from my other posts, AMAZING! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to not only see some more of this beautiful world, but to spend the trip with one of my most favorite people.  Looking back on it, parts of the trip really felt like a dream, but one that I will never ever forget and will always look back on with a happy heart and beautiful memories!

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