Friday, August 5, 2011

Последний день...

It's 2:30 Friday morning and I'm laying in my bed writing this. Souvenirs and gifts have been bought(thanks to a fun shopping trip with Nastia and a late night supermarket trip tonight), final school lessons are complete, goodbyes to friends have been said, and bags are packed. These past two months have gone by faster than I ever imagined. I have learned so much, not just about Russian language, but about being brave and independent, making new friends, the blessing of having a church family in a foreign country, what it really means to dance until the sun comes up, and how a city that I arrived in alone without even a single acquaintance can steal my heart and become home. Today I had a very wonderful last full day in Kyiv. In he morning before school I bought some chocolates to take to class for my last day and after lessons I recieved my certificate from school. 160 hours of Russian instruction at level B2! :) After school Karolina, Mario, and I grabbed a little something from a bakery before going to a lecture/talk on Ukrainian mass media and free speech. When that finished up I had to return my cell phone and feedback forms to the old office and then Mario and I walked(despite the rain) until meeting up with Nastia. It was still raining pretty hard so we went to Globus and drank coffee while the worst of the rain passed. Today Hastia gave me a really pretty flower headband(trditional Ukrainian type of folk art) that a friend of her mom's made. She had also given me a flag yesterday, which will undoubtedly be hanging on the wall of my dorm room))) After a bit we decided that the rain had probably stopped and ventured back out onto the street. That was probably about 18:00 and by the time we finished walking it was almost 22:00! Yeah, some intense гулять-ing!! It was a great way to spend my last evening though. Just walking around Kyiv wih friends,taking a few pictures, and enjoying just lovin life. At one point we had an interesting adventure when we got off at днiпро metro station to fin some major road construction and a place we probably shouldn't have been walking. When Nastia asked the police officer how we could get across the street to a less torn up area his only answer was "carefully". I couldnt help but laugh at that a little. Before Nastia headed home we bought Kvas one last time from the автомать(we were sooo happy that it was working). Saying goodbye to Nastia was so sad. She is such a happy, fun girl and we became really good friends even in the short time we spent together. I know that somehow, somewhere I will see her again. And for now We have skype amd Facebook and Vkontakte :) After Nastia left Mario and I said our goodbyes and neither one of us wanted to leave. Eventually it couldn't be put off anymore and I left to go home on the metro. :( It was quite late by that point, but thankfully there is a supermarket near my apartment open 24 hours a day and I was able to buy the chocolates I wanted to buy for people back home. When I finally got home I had to start packing which is why now, at almost 3am I am about to close my eyes for about four hours. Helsinki tomorrow, USA Saturday!
Всего хорошего!

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  1. You have become such a brave and adventurous young woman have done more things than most people in Indiana have even thought about doing! You are such an inspiration and your final post made me a little teary-eyed. Sounds like you had such an amazing time and I am sure you will miss your new friends so much! Hope to see you soon!! Big Hugs!! Bonnie McCauley