Sunday, July 3, 2011

So many adventures!

So much has happened since the last time I blogged, so I am certain that I will probably just give the cliff notes version here since I am posting from my ipod :)
-Monday-our guest that was staying with us ordered pizza! Actually, when the doorbell rang and they said "Oh, the pizza!" I really thought that they were just making a joke. It was kind of funny having pizza delivered to the apt in Ukraine. It came with wine, which I also found interesting.
-Tuesday-Happy constitution day! We had a huge delicious dinner with the neighbor and sister in law of my host. I was absolutely stuffed, but it was such a fun night! I didnt go to the festivities in the center because of the weather, but my night was still fabulous!
Friday-Rented a sauna/banya with friends from school. It was a private place with a lounge, banya, and cold pool. We washed ourselves with a scrub made of coffee, sour cream, and honey. We stayed at the banya for three hours and then went over to Denis and Koby's apartment for a little goodbye party for Denis. Coming home we got lost and couldnt find the metro. I tripped and fell on some uneven sidewalk and broke my sandles. I was a bit sad because those were my favorite shoes. So not only was I cold, wet, and lost, but also barefoot. We got on one of the very last trains and I made it home a bit after midnight. It's a wonder that I didnt catch a deathly cold or slash my foot open on something.
-Saturday- slept in because I could and because friday night kept me out late. Found my way to the Bulgakov museum and joined a Russian tour group. Was really impressed at how realistically the apartment was set up based on pictures taken in the apt during Bulgakov's life there. Afterwards got some lunch was was slightly creeped out my a Lebanese man who lives in America and was inviting me to come stay at his beach house in Lebanon. Oh my! After went to the tour agency and was slightly disappointed to find out that I may not be able to go to Chernobyl because it is currently closed. I will find out the government's decision on July 15. Went on a late night walk on a super beautiful street on the bank of the river with Sasha and we chatted in Russian the whole time. There are really beautiful houses there where a lot of diplomats and businessmen live. My future home? I think yes)))
-Sunday- today. The sun was out when I woke up which always makes me happy. Maria made me tea with my breakfast this morning and put fresh raspberries in it. yummmm! Went to church and met some really nice older women who are kind of taking me under their wing. Can never have too many Ukrainian babushkas))) One woman i met works at the lutheran pro-life center here and i am going to go meet her colleuges this week. Not sure what else I will occupy myself with today, bt I have some hw and i may replace my dead sandles. My life here is quite great right now!
Всего хорошего!

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