Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hot Water!

The most exciting news to me right now is that this morning I took a hot shower for the first time in two and a half weeks! I can't remember ever going that long in my life without a hot shower, but it has definitely given me a new prospective on how fortunate I am to always have access to hot water! Ironically, the weather is begining to heat up again. Nothing like only having cold water during the "cold" part of the summer.
I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of some "Ukrainian" shoes.  Ok, so they were most likely made in China, but I bought them at the open air market one stop from where I live for 100 UAH(about 12.5 USD) and I feel very Ukrainian when I wear them))) They are the replacements for the sandles that fell victim to our Friday night adventure.
For the third year in a row, I didn't celebrate the 4th of July.  I'm starting to forget how it feels to actually celebrate the holiday with cookouts and family and fireworks.  It was even more strange here because while people had heard of Independence Day in America, no one really new it was Monday until I mentioned it.  We did have some nice weather for 4th of July though and my friends and I ate "kiosk food" in the park for lunch and enjoyed some nice weather.  I treated myself to coffee and a very yummy piece of cake at the cafe where Russian Speaking Club is held and that was the extent of my fourth of July celebration.
On Tuesday I met up with Svetlana at the metro station and went with her to visit the "Gift of Life" center that is closest to the center of the city.  The other center is closer to the metro stop where the church is and is actually a rented space within a public clinic. After they showed me around the office (which looks a bit like an apartment) and told me about their work, we drank coffee and had some treats and chatted.  I became friends with one of the ladies on facebook and they gave me some advice about places to visit in Kyiv and let me borrow a book called "Living in Kyiv".  Such wonderful, hospitable, awesome women! They also told me that this Sunday there will be some Americans visiting at the larger Ukrainian church, so I am going to visit that church this weekend! After hanging out with them for a while I went back to school to do my homework and then to "English Speaking Club" at Puzata Hata. Mondays I go to Russian Speaking Club and there are some Ukrainians there who help me practice my Russian, so I figured I would return the favor and help them with their English.  It was a bit funny being the only American there, as everyone wanted to "pick the American's brain" and ask all sorts of questions about a  country that for many of them is still very much out of their reach.  It was also a bit of an unusual experience to be surrounded by people who were all speaking English, but to still definitely not feel like my native language was being spoken because of thick accents and slightly unusual sentence constructions.  After English club I went back to the apartment and relaxed and went to sleep, having been out and about for 12 hours.
Today after school we decided to try to Uzbek resturant close to school.  It was a bit "fancy" but very good food and delicious tea.  I signed up for an excursion this Saturday to the Lavra and can't wait to explore that jewel of Ukraine.  Happy to have my homework done, I think I'll head home from school!
Всего хорошего!

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