Monday, July 25, 2011

English tourists in Justin Bieber t-shirts!

Oh Ukraine! Why are you so easy to love? In case it isn't obvious, life has been great since my last update. Tuesday I took it pretty easy because I was pretty tired from  the trip to Odessa, but I did go to speaking club and ended up chatting with some Ukrainians my age who absolutely love Lviv(the city I will be traveling to next weekend) and wrote down some of their favorite places for me. Wednesday we spontaneously decided after lunch that the beach was calling us, so I ran home to get my купальник and we hit up a beach I hadn't yet been to not far from the city center. Although the bridge repair going on not far from us eventually got a bit annoying, we had a nice afternoon/early evening of swimming and laying on the beach. Since the three of us headed to Lviv next weekend were at the beach we decided to go ahead and go to the train station to buy our tickets. It's good that we went then because even at a week out we got some of the last tickets. We leave Friday evening and get to Lviv by midnight. We have chairs instead of beds, but it's not overnight so it's really not a problem. We can rest up at the hostel Friday night and then explore the city all day Saturday. Sunday evening we leave Lviv and get back to Kyiv at 3:00 Monday morning. It was our only option and we got the last three tickets available, so we were lucky to be able to make it work at all. I'm really excited to see a Western Ukrainian city!  Thursday was another day of hanging out a bit after school and then i spent tue evening relaxing/studying for Friday's test in a cafe not far from home. It was crazy hot, so it was nice to escape to some air conditioning for a little bit. Friday was fairly uneventful, but thankfully it was a chance to relax a bit before the adventures of Saturday and Sunday.
After a little sleeping in Saturday morning our little gang of friends met up to go to the Chernobyl museum. Since the Chernobyl region itself is unfortuantely closed to tourists right now, I was glad to at least see Kyiv's tribute to the catastrophe. Admittedly, I expected thr museum to be a bit bigger because of what the Ukrainians have told me about the museum, but it wasn't bad in general. After the museum we decided to head to beach in our street clothes because it wasn't terribly hot anyhow. We went to the Hydropark metro stop, but to a much quieter section of beach than I have been to in the past. We had a nice few of the родная мать and лавра, and generally just enjoyed a relaxed Saturday afternoon. Mario had read that the best шашлик to be found in Kyiv is at hydropark and although Im not so sure that we found that very best шашлик, we were all hungry and glad to have something to eat. After leaving the beach we explored the city a little bit by taking random turns down some streets we hadn't been on in the past and wondering aimlessly(the best way to see the city!) By the end we actually came full circle to the metro stop where we met in the morning. We had lots of funny adventures including stalking British tourists and photographing people without them knowing. I haven't laughed so much in one day in a while. By that point we were all a bit tired and decided to head to our respective homes. Around ten Mario and I met up again to walk around Obolon region a little, especially my favorite street along the river. What a perfect, cool summer night.
Sunday I woke up and went to church for the last time here in Kyiv. Next weekend I'll be in Lviv and then I fly out on a Friday. I was really sad that it was my last Sunday of church here because I really love having a church to go to here and thr people are absolutely wonderful as well. It's just one more connection that makes it harder and harder to think about leaving Kyiv. Perhaps I could make my home here someday ;) After church and bible study I hurried to the metro station where the gang had planned to meet and we headed out to Pirohovo village/museum. It was really nice to be out of the city enjoying some fresh air and sunshine, especially on such a nice summer evening. After a few hours there and LOTS of walking, we were all pretty sleepy. I headed to the mall by my house and bought some really cute sandles. Hopefully they wont die like the last pair I bought, but i definitely think they are better quality. After the mall I decided to have a relaxing evening of studying and reading before an earlyish bedtime. After A weekend of lots of walking, i was just overall in need of some rest. Of course, the only problem with my plan to get a good night of sleep was the sound of explosions outside my window at 4am, but I think it was probably some kind of fireworks. Who knows...there are always strange noises outside of my apartment at night. Anyhow, today it is a bit cloudy, so no beach as we had planned, but Russian speaking club tonight will be fun. Looking forward to seeing all of my friends and family in a few weeks, but of course I will still be very sad to leave Ukraine.
Всего хорошего!

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  1. Hey Chels! Loved reading your latest addition to your blog, but I didn't quite get the "English tourist in Justin Bieber t-shirts" part. Were they part of the random pictures you took? I am glad that you have had such amazing experiences and met so many wonderful new friends this summer. Although I know it'll be hard to leave Kyiv, I must say that I am really looking forward to having you "back home again in Indiana" (think Jim Nabors/Indy 500). :-)

    Love you lots,