Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The West in the East

I thought I would give a little attention in this blog post to the interesting and sometimes humorous occurances of "western" culture, products, etc in this still very Eastern European country.  Many products that I might find back home in the states are fairly easy to locate and buy here and are usually being sold for a cheaper price.  American chocolates and sodas are sold on nearly every street corner and McDonalds(which is constantly super crazy busy) and Dominos Pizza can also be found within the city selling many of the same products as in America. Actually buying these things is where it gets interesting though.  Yes, a Sprite is still called Sprite and a Snickers would still be called a Snickers, but if I pronounce them as if I was trying to buy them in America, the cashier looks at me like I have two heads.  Yet, if I simply pronounce the names of them with some ridiculous Russian accent suddenly they know EXACTLY what I'm trying to buy. It makes me laugh a little.
Another interesting thing is the number of stores with knock-off western clothing, but I'm sure that can be found just about anywhere in the world. I am much more amused by the English phrases written on shirts.  A few I have seen include "Give me smile" "Take off your shiney tights" and  some very American looking "I <3 Kiev" shirts.
Just like in any big city abroad, an American visitor could practically live like he is back in the states, sheltering himself in "western" comforts and familiarities.  But I like to think it's more fun to try extra hard to fit in as much as possible.  And I think it's working out pretty well so far)))
Всего хорошего!

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