Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today marks one week since this here American landed on foregn soil to begin a little ukrainian/russian adventure. So far, the time is flying by and i csnt believe that a wek has already come and gone. At the beginning of the week i was a little lonely, but found some school friends to hang out with and even went out wih them on thursday night. That was probably one of the most hilarious nights of my life. The group of us who went to the bar represented mexico, columbia, america, england, france, italy, and israel. Talk about an internationak group of friends! This week i went to two lectures in russian at school, wathed a russian film, and make vareniki(small ukrainian dumplings) with my classmates.
This weekend I got some really good sleep for the first time and i think my body is finally starting to adjust to being here in kiev. One thing i've been doing a lot of here in kiev is walking. Because of this, i ended up with several small blisters and one absolutely masive blister on the bottom of my right foot. Last night i even couldnt walk because of it and didnt know how i was going to be able to go to church this morning. Thankfully, i have a wondeful host. She helped me clean it and wrap in up im bandages so i could actually walk on that foot. Maria is the best!
Today i went to church(i found he building yesterday so i wouldnt be too lost today). It takes me about an hour to get to church just like at home. Unlike home thoUgh, where i het in the car and drive an hour, the commute here consists of walking to the metro, riding it a handful of stops, changing lines, riding another handful of stops, and then walkig about fifteen minutes to the churh. The congrehation here is very small. Today there were less than fifteen people at church, but i absolutely love that church already. Almost he whole literagy is set to music(both singing and chanting) and everyone in the church has beautiful voices. The congregation easily filled that small room with their voices. After church we had bible study and studied Isiah chapter eight. I brought my english bible so i could read the readings in english too. Everyhing at churh is taught in ukrainian, but after a little bit of getting used to it at the beginning of the service i could understand quite well. After bible class we had some fellowship time drinking tea snd coffee amd having some candies and cookies. Next week ik going to bring a few photos of my church back home to show them. Anyhow, i dont have too much other news except that it is cery very hot here and soon begins the summertime two weeks wothout hot water in the city. Honestly, it doesnt seem too terrible tO me because it is hot enoih hat. Cold showers will probably feel quite nice.
Всего хорошего!

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