Monday, April 25, 2011

So what is this all about?

A few years ago I kept a blog pretty regularly and then just, well, stopped for no good reason.  With the summer quickly approaching (yay!) my friends and I have realized how sad and disconnected from each others' lives we will be. Chelsea is going to Rwanda, Ivana is going to Spain, Jasmyn is going to Russia, I'm going to Ukraine(I probably forgot someone, but everybody has their own adventure) and we decided that blogs shall be kept and stalking shall be done. So here's to a summer of fun-filled adventures, new experiences, and blogging!
всего хорошего!


  1. And Erica is going to Italy and China!! :)

  2. And Mom is staying home! :-( That's okay...I still have children who need me here, and, of course, I have 100+ marching band kids to work with as well. My life here won't be boring, but it will definitely be less exciting than all of you world travelers. I'll be back here praying that you all have safe travels and wonderful experiences! Love you all...

    Mother McShurley :-)